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Cielo Tostado is a Colombian family business initiative that started with the intention of creating a specialty product with Finca Villa Sofía's best coffees. Café Cielo Tostado currently roasts in the beautiful city of Medellín, Antioquia, Colombia. Villa Sofia is located in Jericó, Antioquia between 1810 and 1890 meters above sea level, which is often surrounded by a mist that slides down the canyon to the Cauca River. This area gives a feeling of being close to heaven. The Zuluaga family took advantage of the privilege of being located in the mountains of Jericó, Antioquia when they started this project. It's a way for them to express gratitude and love for their land and their coffee, which is proudly called "Roasted Heaven" as a tribute to the sensations and pleasures that their coffees bring.

At Villa Sofía, all the individuals involved in the planting and harvesting are part of a large family. Their team's well-being and safety is a top priority and their presence and work is never over-looked.

Villa Sofía has been known for the care of their environmental and social sustainability standards. Their farm has been a source of employment for their town and is one of the few farms in the Palenquito district that has been growing coffee for over a century since it established itself as a coffee farm. Currently, they employ 15 to 35 farmers depending on the period, thus contributing to livelihood of around 30 families in the area.

The longevity of Villa Sofía's coffee cultivation has also contributed to the preservation of the native flora and fauna. Thus, in Villa Sofía, they conserve several micro basins that protect streams as well as dense Guaduas that conserve water sources. These micro brasins have fruit and ornamental species that serve as natural barriers between crops (tangerines, oranges, avocados, heliconia, trinitarian or summer) and others such as bleak (plantain, bananas, walnuts). This helps create a habitable environment for a variety of birds, such as kites, turpiales, solitudes, gulungas, siriríes, redfish, and hummingbirds.

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