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Grind: Fine

Coffee-to-Water: 1:13


Grind: Fine

Coffee-to-Water: 1:2


Grind: Medium-Fine

Coffee-to-Water: 1:15


Grind: Medium

Coffee-to-Water: 1:15

Drip Coffee

Grind: Medium-Coarse

Coffee-to-Water: 1:11

French Press

Grind: Coarse

Coffee-to-Water: 1:15


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Roasted in Origin

Taking coffee back to its roots. At taste the origin we have partnered up with our producers to, roast, brand and package their own coffees, driving up their profits over 400%! Re-injecting coffee profits back home at origin!

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Brew Tools

Brew methods can produce differing notes, aromas and the body of a cup. Different brew methods include pour-overs, chemex, syphon, espresso, aeropress, cold brew, among many others. Figure out your favorite brew method by purchasing a new tool here!

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