Taza Magna


The Taza Magna story begins with the family's grandparents. Their family started in a farm inside the mountains, enjoying candlelit nights, big gatherings, and a life revolving around coffee harvests. They had ten children and by the time their kids were grown up, the round, beautiful, red and pink bourbon coffee trees could be seen across the horizon. Coffee was a well-valued good back then, and they both remember that time as one of the most prosperous and happiest time of their lives. Things have changed a lot since then, and some bourbon coffee trees, became oranges, lemons, bananas, and other products with better income.
As time passed, grandchildren were raised differently, and all became professionals in business, law, health, engineering, entertainment. However, some of them decided to honor their family tradition, ‘travel back in time,’ and rebuild their coffee growing heritage in the same farm where the grandparents started their endeavor. Now this third generation coffee-growing family is ready to tell the world what it takes to produce an exceptional cup of Colombian coffee.
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