Colfresh Coffee


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Farm and Region: Embera Chamil Indigenous community of San Lorenze, Riosucio, Caldas, Colombia

Producer: Embera Chamil Indigenous Community

Variety: Caturra, V. Colombia

Process: Washed

Altitude: 1800-1850 masl

Roast Profile: Medium-Light

Notes and Cupping Score: Mild Pepper, Caramel, Balanced Acidity, Walnuts

Suggested Brew Method: Espresso, Filtered

Colfresh Coffee brings you to the peaceful mother nature of the Embera Chamil indigenous community of San Lorenzo, Riosucio, Caldas. This coffee has clean agricultural practices that enhances the intense flavor, aroma, and fragrance qualities that that are highlighted in floral and citric notes with slightly winey flavors.

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