Colfresh Coffee


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Farm and Region: Municipality Blend in Anserma, Caldas, Colombia

Producer: Anserma Municipality Blend

Variety: Castillo, V. Colombia

Process: Washed

Altitude: 1750 masl

Roast Profile: Medium-Light

Notes and Cupping Score: Chocolate, Balanced Acidity, Creamy, Brown Sugar

Suggested Brew Method: Espresso, Filtered

Colfresh Coffee brings you the Evocation coffee from the municipality of Anserma, Caldas, Colombia. Its chocolate notes and sweet flavor brings special family memories around a wood stove where the second main ingredient in a cup of coffee was panela. Its flavor, aroma, and high-quality reflects the hard work of coffee farmers, who have allowed many people around the world to enjoy one of Colombia's best coffees.


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